Our Vision

We spend a great portion of our lives at work. In 2005,  the founders of Healthy Connections saw a need to help take care of a company’s most precious resource … their employees.  Healthy Connections provides synergy for working individuals to lead a healthier and balanced life.  Healthy Connections recognizes the negative impact unhealthy and unhappy employees have on fellow employees and organizations.  With our wellness tools, health fairs, year- long programs, wellness challenges, and online resources, Healthy Connections has one strategic goal: A Healthier, Happier, Positive and Productive Work Culture.  

For almost a decade, Healthy Connections has built relationships with health experts whose goal is similarly to improve the health of America’s workers and families.  Through discussions with your management team, we seek to tailor a program to be the most encompassing and comprehensive for your company’s needs.  With wellness plans uniquely tailored to your company’s corporate culture we can reach for and attain greater success than by presenting a pre-packaged wellness solution.  We want to become fully immersed and invested in your company so that we can set and reach wellness goals together.

With the health movement in full swing, companies and people in general are catching on and becoming more aware about better health. Now more than ever, Healthy Connections services are needed. We are pleased to continue to deliver to companies and communities across America information, events and programs that can change lives.


Our client list includes:

Overview of Services

Our programs and services are always expanding as we are always changing to meet the needs of a healthier you.

Our Solutions Include:
  • • Promotion of lifestyle change and risk reduction through empowerment
  • • Employee risk awareness and lifestyle accountability
  • • Increased awareness through strategic alliances and top industry partners

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