Know Your Vitamins: Iron

On 10/17/2010, in My Health, by HCC

So as I said in our first “Know Your Vitamins” post, we would be discussing certain supplements that were not strictly speaking vitamins. We all pop our morning “vitamins” without realizing that some of what we consider the most important supplements, calcium, iron, potassium, are actually dietary minerals. So up first in the dietary mineral [...]

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Know Your Vitamins: Vitamin C

On 09/07/2010, in My Health, by HCC

Everyday many of us wake up, take a shower, get dressed eat breakfast, and pop a few multivitamins. Vitamins have become such a basic part of our lives that we can’t buy any kind of food without finding that its been enriched with Vitamin C, D, Calcium, Iron. While Calcium and Iron aren’t technically vitamins, [...]


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