Understanding Medicare and Potential Cuts: Part 2

On 02/09/2011, in My Health, by HCC

In this second part of our blog series on Medicare we will look at the costs of Medicare and what potential Medicare cuts would mean to the people on Medicare. Part 2: What do changes to Medicare mean? With an understanding of what Medicare is, the question is why is there a call for changes [...]

Understanding Medicare

On 01/26/2011, in My Health, by HCC

This is the first of a 2 part blog post on Medicare and what potential Medicare cuts would mean to the people on Medicare as well as what impact cuts would have on the federal budget. Part 1: What is Medicare? Understanding medicare is a monumental task.  Talks of increased cuts are constant but what [...]

New Rules: Insurance Must Cover Screenings

On 07/23/2010, in My Health, by HCC

Although much of the furor over health care reform has died down, many of the new law’s most controversial provisions — the insurance mandate, for example — have yet to take effect.

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