Feel the Burn: Spicy Food Benefits

On 01/20/2011, in My Health, by HCC

Spicy foods are not everyone’s cup of tea.  The burn that chileheads seek, can often be what many people are running away from.  The growing interest in international foods from Thai to Mexican to Indian and African, has made spicy foods more prominent in restaurants and home cooked meals.  You may think the burn your [...]

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Energy Drink Effects

On 01/05/2011, in My Health, by HCC

Waking up in the morning, the first thing many people think to do is get some caffeine in their system but that doesn’t necessarily mean putting on a pot of coffee anymore. The rise in popularity of energy drinks in the past decade has lead to the consumption of caffeine and other stimulants in new [...]

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Pass the Potatoes, Not the Pasta: What We Gain and Lose from Gluten-Free Diets

On 09/11/2010, in My Health, by HCC

South Beach, Atkins, macrobiotic, raw, vegan, and now gluten-free. All of these are diet trends that have risen to fame in the last 15 years. Promising to help us drop the pounds and feel more fabulous than ever with little to no effort, we often find years later that there may be a downside to [...]

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Know Your Vitamins: Vitamin C

On 09/07/2010, in My Health, by HCC

Everyday many of us wake up, take a shower, get dressed eat breakfast, and pop a few multivitamins. Vitamins have become such a basic part of our lives that we can’t buy any kind of food without finding that its been enriched with Vitamin C, D, Calcium, Iron. While Calcium and Iron aren’t technically vitamins, [...]


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